Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ribbon for Mother Ginger Skirt

A lucky find at Costco today! Candy cane stripe ribbon in 50 yard rolls. I also picked up the sparkly solid red ribbon. We decided to make Mother Ginger a Candy Cane lady.
Today's task was to join the 3 panels using my serger flatlock stitch. I haven't really used the serger much but figured this was a good time to start. I used the 2 thread flatlock since I can't find the spreader that's needed for a 3 thread flatlock. It came out pretty good. The third panel had to be two  pieces because the bolt came in 10yds and that's not evenly divisible by 3, this panel will be placed in the back.

The top of the panels is folder over 1.5 inches twice, on this edge are the grommets and button holes. I ran out of grommets and since my machine does automatic button holes I figured it would actually be quicker to do the button holes. The 1.5" hem was stitched down near the folded edge farthest from the top and then the button holes were done. They were pretty small but it just needs to be wide enough for a cord to go through, right now I'm using a shoe string.

Here's a look at the fabric while I"m pressing up the 1.5 hem for the bottom Plex Pipe to feed through
If you're not careful it can pick up everything from the floor!

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