Sunday, November 15, 2015

Big Momma Needs Big Buttons

The front of the Mother Ginger skirt needs to be raised up for the dancers to run out from underneath. I used roman shade tape with the built in rings up the center front from the bottom hoop to the top one. After a trial it is better to not use the ring at the bottom hoop. If I had thought this through I would have sewn the tape in before joining the panels, at this point it was easier to hand sew them down.

Last night more candy cane swirl strips were added to the skirt and a ribbon rose hair piece was made from the same ribbon.

With rain expected today the under structure was taken down from the ladder and the next photo of it will probably be when my husband tries it on for me. But that doesn't mean there aren't some photos to look at.

A big Mother needs big buttons! These will go over the spot where the rings are on the front of the skirt.
The base is a circle of corrugated cardboard, batting and floral wire put through 2 slits to make a shank for sewing it onto the skirt.  The wire is twisted along it's self under the batting/
The material is a stretch confetti dot (because the teacher loves shine). I could have added a red solid fabric underneath to make it more red.  Hot glue batting to cardboard, 
fabric to back of card board and there you go!

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