Friday, November 20, 2015

Mother Ginger's top

It's been a few days between postings because other things have come up and I've been working on Mother Ginger off and on. However there has been progress!

My idea was to use a dress or  blouse for the top of Mother Ginger and make a short circular skirt that would cover the area where the skirt comes to the waist. The straps that go over the shoulders to the PVC frame need to be covered as well as the gathers of the skirt. This is going to make the dancer look like he has a huge waist but nothing can really be done about that.

I found a red on red stripe satin-like dress at the Salvation Army, cut the skirt off, cut the back open and sewed Velcro along the back opening. A wide black waist, similar to a corset, will be sewn to the waist area of the blouse.  I'm using black because the fabric I chose for the upper skirt is red with black polka dots. There was so much white it seems like a good idea to tone it down a bit. There was too much red and white stripe everywhere.

To minimize the amount of red and black fabric needed it was cut at 5 different intervals and a triangle shape was inserted with the wide end toward the outside, this was to give it more circumference, making it more like a circle.  (Should have photographed that but maybe I'll do a demo later.)

The jute straps were also had a Velcro treatment to attach to the center piece for the dancer to hold up the under structure. Either it was cheap Velcro, which is likely if it came from Walmart, or the structure is too heavy because it didn't hold. For now large safety pins are also used.  The other issue with the straps is they wanted to move on the PVC so a 12-14" piece of the jute strap will be added perpendicular to the straps joining them.

The frame goes to school today! I'll definitely have photos of that!

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