Friday, November 13, 2015

Mother Ginger Tent

The first photos of the under structure completed and with a cover!

Looks more like a helicopter than anything else. The ladder is set to a few inches above 6'.
Igloo? Circus Tent? Giant Marshmallow?

It was a wrestling match to get the white muslin on the structure, so when I discovered it was inside out I wasn't going to try to turn it around. The straps are supports for the bottom channel with the Plex Pipe tube. They act more like a stabilizer for the bottom edge than a support.

We continue to get bowing along the outside so I'm thinking of just incorporating that into the design. The one on the left is more severe than the others.

Even though it is white it gets rather warm inside the skirt so I'm going to work on securing the outside straps to the bottom edge and then will probably mark the top of the straps and take the fabric off the structure to put the red ribbon on.

After taking the cover off the jute straps were sewn to the bottom and the top edge (marked with safety pins while on the structure). The straps are on the inside and a 3 ribbon stripe covers the shadow of the strap on the outside. I didn't really want to try and stuff all the fabric through my machine and was concerned it wouldn't stay straight so I decided to fuse the ribbon to the white muslin.

Using what I had on hand, Heat n Bond Lite Item #3521, seemed okay but it says on the wrapper if you're not going to sew the fused fabric down use HeatnBond UltraHold.  JoAnn's only had Pellon 735 heavy Duty Wonder-Under Transfer Web so most of the ribbon is fused to the muslin with this. I had some trouble with the release paper coming off in jagged strips but that's more likely user error.  Be sure to let it fully cool so it can bond.
  The ribbon actually goes over the edge of the straps so the edges have to be pressed extra along the edges. The ribbon in the center is a metallic open weave and not really fusing well. it might need a bit of liquid stitch to anchor it. If I had a choice to do it over I'd choose a cloth ribbon.*Part of the problem with fusing was probably the surface the fabric and ribbon were on. I was pressing with the laminate cutting table directly under the strap, muslin and ribbon. When I used a thick pressing cloth called "The Ultimate Pressing Cloth" by Yarn Tree in Ames Iowa, AND used steam with the cotton pressing cloth on top of the ribbon, it seems to fuse better. The Ultimate Pressing Cloth is sort of like a combination chamois and felt.

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