Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mother Ginger Photos-Bits 'n Pieces

Here are the photos of the items I mentioned in the last post. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and the skirt did not get on to the frame as hoped, it will have to wait until November 30th.

These are the cross straps, one side is zig-zaged to the over the shoulder strap but the other will remain free until the dancer puts it on for sizing. It may need padding on the shoulders. The original idea was to use backpack straps but the jute straps were so much cheaper and longer.

This is the triangles of fabric that were inserted to give the cover skirt, on top of the white large skirt, more circumference.
I used a serger but the top point was a bit of a problem.

Here are 3 photos of the top, also waiting for the dancer fitting. I'm thinking of adding a white lacy fabric to the end of the 3/4 length sleeve for 2 reasons: to bring some of the white upward and to cover more of the male dancer's arms.
Mother Ginger top with upper skirt sewn to it.

Close up of cinch

The cinch is to give the character some kind of waist since the actual waist will have to go around the straps that are attached to the 20"x20" PVC square the dancer stands in. 
Not much else will probably happen on the costume until November 30. There will be a few posts about embellishments but the big reveal will have to wait :-(

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