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Fashion Plate Collections and Books- Free downloads

This collection is so great I wanted to put it first. The high resolution makes the images superb for research. It doesn't bookmark well, though. 
Ancient Times to 20th century,Fashion Plates fBunka Gakuen Library

1740-1970 John Bright Collection
1750-1919, Claremont College Library
1801-1900 (NYPL) Les modes féminines du XIXe siècle, interprétées en cent pointes sèches aquarellées au pinceau
18th-20th Century Collection of Kent State University Museum
1785-1922, Powerhouse Museum Fashion Plate Collection
1790s-1880s, Los Angeles Public Library, 6,200 colored fashion plates
1790-1890, Cal. University of Fresno, Henry Madden Library
1795-1920, Boston Library Collection
1795-1959 Fashion Plates and Photographs
19th Century Fashion Plates 
1806-1915, University of Washington Library
1822-1829, Petit Courrier des Dames (copyright uncertain)sd
1826-1846, French blogger, click on Fashion (6) right side.
1830-1849 One Fashion Plate per year
1830-1990 University of Georgia Historic Clothing Collection (go to Exhibits)
1901-1937 Les Modes (Paris) Gallica
1914-1920, Pratt Institute of Fashion Plate Collection
The Kyoto Costume Institute
Fashion Plates in the collection of Copper-Hewitt Museum (Smithsonian)
Musee McCord (Canadian, in English)
Victoria & Albert Museum Fashion Plate Collection
The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y
Fashion Plates from Hungary
1920-1990s Fashion Collection of the Museum of Bath
1917 National Cloaks and Coats Catalog (not just outerwear)
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising- (go to the right under categories for a by decade 

NDSU Emily Reynolds Historic Costumes Collection
European Fashion (Tumbler changes images periodically)
Fashion Institute of Technology
Corsets Museum Plus

1850-1899 Misc images on a private webpage

Books Two Centuries of Costume in America. Alice Morse

Modes & Manners for the Nineteeth Century Vol 3 (1848-1878) By Max von Boehn, Oskar Fischel

The Mirror of the Graces, or The English Ladies Costume published 1811

English Costume by Dion Clayton Calthrop published 1907, eras: 1066-1820