Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nutcracker Mother Ginger Build

Well, this adventure warrants a new series of blog posts. I agreed/ volunteered to make a Mother Ginger costume for Canyon Crest Academy's performance of the Nutcracker. In my naivete I figured I would just use a light gauge wire for the bottom rim and gather fabric to the waist. Then I found out there are about 20 teenagers suppose to fit under the skirt!

Searching through Google images this is going to be a bigger task than the life size urn I made for 
Figments. The guy in the middle will be on a ladder or something similar to raise the height or the skirt to 6 foot.

If I use PVC pipe instead of metal it will have to be curved. Then I realized it will need other circular supports in addition to vertical straps if we use the concentric circles. Oh boy!
 Here's what's on the web for images...


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