Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mother Ginger Costume by the numbers

Tonight is cutting of the muslin so no pictures but here are the my calculations.

The top hoop is 10' by 9' but I'm just using the 10' measurement.
10' x12" = 120" minus the 20" center for the dancer=100" diameter divided by 2 = 50" This is the amount needed from the edge of the hoop to the dancer.

From the edge of the hoop to the floor is 6' x12=72"

I'm adding 1" for fabric curving over the PVC
4" at the bottom to attach the hem to the bottom hoop (this might be a Velcro strip)
3" at the top to fold over and put in grommets to thread a cord through and gather up the excess as the fabric comes into the center.

50" for radius at top
+72" from hoop to floor
+1" for the curve over the hoop
+4" for attaching to the bottom hoop
+3" for the top edge grommets
=130" or 10'10" for each panel.

120" wide white muslin means I'll need 3 panels.
(Circumference of the circle is diameter 10' x 3.14 which in this case is 31'.
Times that by 12 for inches =372"
Divide that by the width of the fabric =3.1 panels. This is a bit over 3 panels but the back isn't shown to the audience and if needed a strip of fabric could be added.

Final analysis: I will cut one panel of 10'10" and experiment with the top and bottom margins possibly making them a bit shorter if less is needed at the top or bottom attachment.

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