Monday, November 9, 2015


Due to the size of Mother Ginger's skirt the only viable cheap option was 120" wide, white muslin. I had to go to 2 JoAnn's to find enough, 11 yards plus a bit more. Walmart was an option but at JoAnn's I could use a 50% off coupon. The total was still $54.00. The photo is of an unwrapped bolt of fabric plus about 2 yards. To keep the crispness it won't be washed.

The current idea is to use red ribbon down the side for a candy cane look. The ribbon would hide any shadowing from the straps that will hold the hoops together. There is a lot of great ribbon available at Hobby Lobby. 

The third topic of this post is the hula hoops. Toys-R-Us had hula hoops that light up for $10.00 each. I bought them just in case I can't find other ones but it looks like a local shop has the plain ones for $7.00. They have to be 36" across.

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