Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flynn Rider costume is done, but no photos yet!

As I posted yesterday, the costume is done! Hopefully, I'll have photos before the weekend is over. Additionally I made a Sweeney Todd vest and scarf today and recovered a corset in black for Mrs. Lovett. Also no photos there yet. Lol. There's more to do for Eurydice  and a little shopping for The Children's Hour but I estimate by Tuesday my hands and shoulders can take a rest.

In doing so much sewing I think sewing machine cabinets and maybe sewing machines should be designed differently. There is too much turning of the right shoulder or arm, stressing the muscles in the back.  There should be more room on the platform for material and hand space. Just my observations.

My wonderful husband did all of the Halloween decorations while I've been madly sewing. The house looks great. Thank you!

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