Monday, October 10, 2011

Flynn Rider "forged" clasps

The clasps on the front of the doublet were a worry from the start. They are very unique. I've looked at oval hoops and thought maybe I could flatten one end, but the fasteners really aren't ovals.
There's a tutorial on making the fasteners at Flynn Rider closures tutorial . They use # 8 wire and lots of muscle!
I didn't have 8 gauge wire and their wire more round than I wanted. I did use their technique for shaping the hooks though. I had copper wire I was going to use for an open bustle (another project I bought the materials for but haven't begun!). Bending the wire was too much for me so I turned to my husband. He was able to make a much better replica.
What you see to the right is the wire and the loops, they were flattened by pounding with a hammer after they were formed. We tried to flatten the wire and then shape but that didn't work.

In the photo the small blue square of fabric is the size of the completed patch the loop is sewn on, it measures 1 1/4" by 1 3/8" (sort of). The patch with the strip pinned to it is the unsewn size, folded (basically I added about 1/4 inch for the seams) and the strip is what keeps the metal loops attached. The strips are so narrow I didn't want to make tubes. Instead I cut the actual size of the strips (3/4" wide by 2 1/2") and used Fray Check on the edges.

For the other side, the hook side, the patches are longer, they actually overlap the center. This piece is 1 5/8" by 1 1/2". To make either patch cut on them on the fold sew the two side edges, turn, tuck in the raw edges. On the loop side the thin strip will be tucked in as well.

To sew the loop side, after turning and tucking, place 1/2" of the strip on to the small rectangle , sew through all layers 3/8" in. Sew a couple of times to secure.
Ideally the patch should be more squared all the way around than the photo to the left.
Pin the patch to the vest so it just to the left of the vest edge.
Next sew the patch to the vest on three sides, top, left and bottom. Lay the flat end of the loop on to the strip, fold the strip over the end of the loop. Using a zipper foot sew the strip close to the metal loop. Sew twice to secure. Tuck the strip into the open but inward folded edge and finish sewing down the right hand side of the patch.

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    I am open to making a vest but with 2 other productions to do before November 1 I can't get one done by Halloween.

    When did you want a vest?