Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Boots!

The boots were bought on-line, as I said in an earlier post, and then enhanced. The top flap of faux leather was sewn to the upper inside edge of the boot and then folded over to the outside . Because there is a zipper in the boots there needs to be two flaps with openings on both the inside of the  boot and the outside. The outside flaps needed to be cut away in a curve but it seemed logical to do the same to the inside. To help keep the fake leather from curling store the boots with a rubber band around the flaps.
     The boot cover was made of 2 layers of a darker shade of faux leather but I'd prefer a piece of real leather, which would be stiffer, less creasing. The top of the piece is wider than the bottom. Measure how much you need to go around the bottom of the boot and the back, secure with studs. The straps should angle but it's difficult to keep them in place. You can actually make the cover off the boot, slip the bottom strap over the toe and then bend the top of the boot into the ankle strap. To keep at least the bottom strap angled I stapled it to the sole with a staple gun.

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