Friday, October 28, 2011

Flynn Rider- fastners, clasps, latches, hooks or loops

What ever you want to call them the metal loops and hooks on the front of the doublet were an interesting detail. It wasn't enough for the designers to simply make closures they had to add rivets, patches and seaming. After having completed this part if I do the costume again I'd do the patches differently. There was a lot of fabric to sew through, in some places 7 layers.

Right tab with studs placed
Hook through the fabric but not the tab

Loop tab on square patch

Back of hook on inside of doublet
Assembly completed (weird color)
The small rivets in the patches are actually studs like those in a bedazzler. For the loop patch three sides were sewn, the flat piece was sewn to the patch, the loop was placed on the patch and using a zipper foot the strip was brought over the flat portion of the loop and sewn.  Next the open end of the patch and the strip were tucked inside the patch and sewn to the doublet. The studs were put on next. Because of the thickness a bit of glue would be a good idea, something that bonds metal to fabric like E6000 (use sparingly). If I did this again I'd probably not double the patch, just turn under the edges and top stitch, no need for glue in that case. For the hook side the hook needed to be put through a small hole in the fabric and then secured to the doublet. The stitching should be under the patch if you made the hook and it's extension correctly (mine turned out to be backwards! sorry hubby) The patch also needs a hole in it for the hook to go through. Then just like the other side sew top stitching with a zipper foot and add the studs. Because my hooks were backwards under the patch I could not top stitch on the end of the patch.

By a stroke of luck I found washable Irish linen pants I redid for the pants. It ended up with an elastic waistband but I still have the other fabric if I want to make a new pair of pants. Time was running out and it seemed like a wise thing to go with the thrift store find.

Next post will be the boots enhancements.

As a teaser, the outfit is actually done, but my son took it for a pre-Halloween party so I don't have photos yet! 

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