Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flynn Rider costumes on-line, just in case you want to pay for a costume

The other 2 projects, costuming for Eurydice  and The Children's Hour have started to take time away from the Flynn Rider costume. I am working on bits and pieces and will post photos once there is something to really see.

To make the front meet correctly I had to fold in some of the overlay and the first try resulted in an uneven fold where the lapel makes an angle up to the collar. This wouldn't have taken long to correct except my son is only here once or twice a week. It now looks better and I'm working on the tabs. I also did a sample rivet and the posts might be too long. A bit of research shows the rivets are really for leather and it would be better to use round head spots for the shoulders. The front tabs might be thick enough for a rivet.

Thrift store shopping turned up a great plain leather belt, however it looks like it's too wide for the waist belt (why does he wear this anyway? It doesn't hold anything up and nothing is attached to it) and will more likely be the pouch belt.  We're not sure we'll do the satchel.

Hang in there! More photos soon!

Late edit: Just looked on-line at the Flynn Rider costumes and almost choked at either the price or the way they looked. Can't imagine what I'd charge for mine.
etsy $600.00 costume     etsy $325.00 costume      cosplay $166.00 costume

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