Monday, December 7, 2015

Mother Ginger or as I like to call her Mother Beast!

Better photos of the costume in action, literally!
The 3 strings are taped to a PVC pipe wrapped in red electrical tape. A plastic candy cane is also there as a prop.

Dancers emerge.

Mother Ginger can move a lot!

More rock 'n rolling!

Here's the final reveal (well almost I want to put a bow above the buttons)! As you can see the frame did want to bow despite the hula hoops' support.

The dancer is standing on two stacked 18" boxes. I made a false petticoat and added striped tights to cover the front of the box since it can be seen by the audience.

The tights were sewn on both sides of the slit in the white fabric and then a gathered strip of fabric was sewn over it to make it look more like a petticoat. Given more time I would have ruffled the entire white piece.

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