Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Quick Peek and Mother Ginger

Here's a quick peek at the Mother Ginger costume, 1st fitting.
There are things which need to be altered but here's the basic look!

The dance teacher wants the front to lift more because the dancers do not come out one at a time but in rows (not like all the videos I watched on U-tube, of course!) And then go back in! Twice! The string I used through the roman curtain rings broke from all the rubbing on the rings. I'm going to sew plastic rings on the bottom, middle and top of the two strips of ribbon to either side of the buttons. Three cords going through them will join in the center on the top outside and the dancer will pull one bow that will bring up a larger area of the hoop. At least that's the new plan! I settled on a plan to use a candy stick (PVC with red tape)  to pull all three strings/ribbons up. It works better, but I don't think it will ever lift as high as the teacher wanted. The opening for the strings came through the top as far towards the front as possible. The length of the dancer's arms was the limiting factor.

There is way too much white but I think the only thing I will be able to do is add bows to the top since I had a project date moved up and the Nutcracker is next Thursday. This is also the same time as my husband's annual Nativity play at church for which I do all the alterations.
Storing it sideways to keep people from accidentally walking on it but it's not great for the fabric or the frame.
 The column is to keep it from falling forward. You can see the dancer's center position.

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