Saturday, December 5, 2015

Modifications to Mother Ginger

This Monday after school is tech where the performance is lighted, etc. I'll go in early to put the cover back on the frame. The cover is off now so I could bring it home to work on it over the weekend to add more ribbon (there was just too much white), bows to the top of the ribbons and most importantly add 2 more pulls to the front so the whole front will come up. The original string broke, I'll experiment with ribbon and a multi strand synthetic string.   Be certain when you thread the ribbons/ string through the rings that are being used to pull up the front that they do NOT go over the circular hoop orit  is much harder to pull up the front.

The new rows of ribbon are being hot glued to the white, it's quicker and in some places the ribbon that was adhered with iron on fusible is starting to come away from the white muslin. The bows will probably be sewn and glued.

The circular frame is taking a bit of a beating being on it's side so much. The PVC ends need more duct tape and the center square for the dancer is no longer a right angles. It's not much of an issue but unanticipated. The bolts might be loosening. The straps over the dancer's shoulders kept moving towards the center so we screwed the strapping right into the PVC pipe. A safety pin was still used on the straps as an added measure of safety.

A relative sent me a link to a Tacoma ballet school's production of the Nutcracker. it shows the frame work for their Mother Ginger is made of metal. She told me a friend who works with the group said it was made of airplane metal so it's sturdy but light.

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