Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make a Flynn Rider costume or an "un" Tangled tutorial!

Even though I've started costuming for a couple of school productions the Flynn Rider costume needs to be the priority. Here's where it's at.
After looking at a few fabrics we changed our mind on the suede-like fabric because it was too dark. We also passed on the greener teals and settled on a canvas-like fabric that is a combination of sky blue and teal. Washing the fabric gave it a much softer feel and nice texture.

This photo shows the muslin pattern that was basted for fit and then separated. The front-side/front, in the center of the image, shows the extra blue fabric that was added to the front for a little extra room as well as the sleeve caps which I want wider. If you look closely you'll see the body pieces were lengthened. Not pictured here are the tabs for the front closures.

The next picture shows the pattern pieces with the original paper pattern pieces for comparison. The front overlay, front lapels and back collar were hand made. The front lapel, especially, needs to be a trial and error piece.
You'll start with a rectangular piece and trim away until it sits the way you'd like it to. It has to be done on the person you're sewing this for or a mannequin. The collar/lapel seems to sit differently depending on the view but here's a view from Bria-Silivern's site.

Since we have this picture here it's a good time to take a closer look at the pattern piece.

To give the front a 3 dimensional look I decided to make an extra chest overlay. I'll also put a layer of flannel between the top piece and the front piece underneath so the decorative stitching will have more to define. Looking closely at the pattern you'll see the first lines were straight but in the real jacket they are actually curved. The ruler is on the first straight line, the black lines are curved. It's more work so it's up to you if you want to curve the decorative stitching. There are about 8 lines, equally spaced.
On the left side, but not the armhole, are two additional lines. One is the sewing line and the other is another top stitching line. This too curves, wider at near the armhole and thinner towards the mid-body edge. I'll be sewing the overlay to the front/side-front right sides together along the sewing line and then flip it up to sew the top stitching. The flannel will be sewn to the overlay before that step...but I'm getting ahead of myself!

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