Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flynn Rider Update

This is the muslin pattern with markings for the top stitching detailing marked. It doesn't look to good on a female mannequin but fits well on my son. I've decided there will be a second layer for the yoke which will add depth at the front edge, hopefully making it look more leather.

However, I'll have to put Flynn on hold.  The 1886 dress will be worn this weekend in an area which has dirt so it needs to have a duster, petticoat edging for the train.

Always more than one project at at time! Well, actually it's usually more than two, three, etc.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fynn Rider 2

While waiting to re-fit my son's muslin pattern, I put together a page for each part of the costume to note details and questions. This is the page for the vest, since it is the most detailed it seemed like the best one to illustrate what I mean. (There's a second page that has the vest hardware on it.) One of the things I noticed in reviewing the photos is how much top stitching there is. There are a few quirky things like a wide belt loop on his right side that seems to be for both the vest belt and the larger belt that holds his side pouch.

My original idea was to make the pants from a fake suede already in my fabric stock pile, but a closer picture shows it's more linen-like. I picked up something I think will work well but have decided to use a different pants pattern than the one that comes with the vest, Simplicity 4059. It has a yoke with more fullness in the legs than is needed. 

Hopefully, the shirt will be a thrift store find, maybe the boots as well.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting tangled in Flynn Rider

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Over the years I've made far more costumes for my daughter than my son (age 25), so when he said he thought he'd like a Flynn Rider Halloween costume I was pleased to oblige. For those of you who are not Disney fans or do not have young children, Flynn Rider is the principle male figure in the movie "Tangled".
 Here he is, Flynn in all his youthful Disney glory. (A big thank you to  Bria-Silivren  and her detailed analysis with photos!)As usual he's a bandit who turns good, but that's not my project! I just need to replicate the outfit. Of course no man has such a tiny waist and broad shoulders.

The first thing was to look and see if there were any commercial patterns that would work. The closest one was Simplicity 4059. After a quick muslin mock up it's apparent there will need to be a number of alterations. The vest back is way to high in comparison to the front (C). The back will need to be in line with the "natural waist" of my son, aka where he wears his belt. Alterations of the shoulder flanges is simple enough, just a tapering towards the center of the armpit (no side seams on this pattern) (B). A stand up collar will also need to be added and the front slanted appropriately (A).  There's an addition over the hips too.

Here's a photo of where I'll be making pattern changes. At D I'll cut the fabric and fold it over for more of a separate piece look. Most people who have made a Flynn Rider vest have used a microsuede but I found a backed upholstery fabric that will have more body to it. The original looks like leather.

The biggest challenge will likely be the front closures but I have an idea for those!