Monday, August 15, 2011

Fynn Rider 2

While waiting to re-fit my son's muslin pattern, I put together a page for each part of the costume to note details and questions. This is the page for the vest, since it is the most detailed it seemed like the best one to illustrate what I mean. (There's a second page that has the vest hardware on it.) One of the things I noticed in reviewing the photos is how much top stitching there is. There are a few quirky things like a wide belt loop on his right side that seems to be for both the vest belt and the larger belt that holds his side pouch.

My original idea was to make the pants from a fake suede already in my fabric stock pile, but a closer picture shows it's more linen-like. I picked up something I think will work well but have decided to use a different pants pattern than the one that comes with the vest, Simplicity 4059. It has a yoke with more fullness in the legs than is needed. 

Hopefully, the shirt will be a thrift store find, maybe the boots as well.

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